Friday, December 2, 2011

The human made us a BUNgalow!

And your human can, too!  Here's what you need: 1 big box, another box of the exact same size OR a big flat piece of cardboard, scissors and/or a knife (yup, be careful with these!), and a marker.  Oh, and some bunnies, of course.

Step 1: Find a box.  Our human uses the boxes our hay comes in.  The BUNgalow is easiest to make if you have two boxes of exactly the same size.

Step 2: Cut a piece of cardboard that is exactly the same length and width as your big box- this will be the second level!  Don't forget to add "tabs"- these tabs will go through the big box and hold up the second floor. 

Step 3: Make sure your rabbit approves of your engineering.

Step 4: Put the second level in, and using a marker, note where the tabs hit the sides of the big box.  You'll need to cut slits for the tabs to go through.  Remove the 2nd level, carefully cut in a straight line where the tabs are, then carefully put the 2nd level back in and push the tabs through the slits.  You may want to bend the tabs over and tape them if you're using less-than-super-thick cardboard (we don't want any BUNgalows collapsing under the next big bunquake!)

Step 5: Add some doors, windows, more doors, and more windows, and then add some decoration with non-toxic markers (Don't worry, we'll take care of the interior decorating!).  We recommend having at least 2 doors on each level.  Our human also put a skylight in the ceiling for us to hop out of the BUNgalow and onto our roofdeck :)

Typical us!  I think this is great fun, but Logan refuses to go in until I've thoroughly tested everything to make sure it's safe and that there are no bunny-eating monsters inside... which, of course, there are not.  Silly Logan.

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