Sunday, November 27, 2011

We're BACK!

Phew, it's been awhile!  Don't worry, we're still alive and hoppin' (well, one of us is hopping more than the other, as usual).  We moved into a lovely apartment with plenty of rooms to explore, and best of all, we have our very own room!  Too bad the human STILL hasn't learned how to knock before she comes in. 

Here's a pic of our new digs.  The human just HAD to surround our room with wire grids and our exercise pen- she says it's so we can't destroy any more walls (in my defense, I've only destroyed one wall, and that was totally an accident!).  We love the brown shelf on the right.  The bottom is a cozy hiding and napping spot, especially when we drag our towels inside to lay on.  The human stores our toys on the top shelf so she can easily switch out our toys when we get bored.  We don't chew on the shelf, so the human says that it can stay permanently in our room.  The table on the left is for all of our supplies, like the air filter and our pellets, and the human's lint rollers (our silly human doesn't like being covered in our hair, but we thought rabbit fur was fashionable).  When the human is home, she leaves the door open, and we can run around her whole apartment- but she says it's only because she covered up my very favorite place, the TV cord jungle.  I looooooveeeee chewing on TV cords, but the human says I could be toast if I keep up that habit.  I'm not sure what toast is, but I think I prefer being a rabbit to being toast. 

Check out the TV cage- I think it's there so the TV can't escape and attack us.

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