Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The great bunny search

Any Easter eggs hiding behind here?

Hmm, where to begin the search...

Is there an Easter egg up there?

Ooh, is that an egg I see?!

Nope, no egg.  Just something shiny, and the human with that annoying camera.

This would be a good place to hide an egg... now to figure out how to jump up here!

Ooooh!  Something shiny!

Egg?!  Oh darn, that's just a leaf.

What's in here?!

It's Logan!  This is what I was looking for- much better than an Easter egg!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's an extra-eggciting Sunday-Bunday :)

Moving faster than speed of light- camera can't capture me!
Hoppy Easter!  Bailey reminds you to kick up your heels and enjoy Sunday-Bunday :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter baskets for Easter bunnies

Everybunny knows that Easter is all about the bunnies!  Our human is very eggcited to make Easter baskets for us.  Baskets for bunnies can't include chocolate and candy, of course, but our human has thought of lots of yummy and fun alternatives!

First, our human bought willow baskets.  They don't contain paint or other chemicals, so they're safe for us to chew on and play with.  We recommend the baskets at the Binky Bunny store.  

Inside the basket, our human put down a layer of "Easter grass"- hay!  We love our organic timothy, but we also recommend using some delicious hay topper at the bottom of the basket.  

Next comes a fun sisal chew and toss toy.  These are easy to make (all you need is bunny-safe wood and sisal rope!) and inexpensive to buy (Pet Rabbit Toys has a good selection of toys and pieces for making your very own rabbit toys).

We love willow toys, so a willow ball is a must for our baskets!

Don't forget to add some apple sticks- our favorite!- for us to chew on.

We can't wait for the human to hide our Easter baskets so we can search for them!  Luckily for us, our noses will be sure to point us in the right direction.  Hoppy Easter!

What's inside your Easter basket?  We love yummy hay and fun toys!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunny origami

Yep- you guessed it!  Now that the human has started making bunny crafts for springtime, she just can't stop!  This morning she made a puffy origami bunny, using these instructions.  It took her about five minutes to complete, and she said the instructions were simple.  We think they look silly, but cute!  

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boo-boo bunny

Sometimes, our human is so silly that we can't help but share her crazy antics with you.  Today, we bring you her latest creation, straight out of her childhood: the boo boo bunny.  This clever little craft can hold an ice cube for little ones' (and big ones'!) boo-boos.  And what better to make you feel better than an adorable bunny?!

Here are her easy instructions for making your very own boo boo bunny.  All you need is a washcloth and a rubber band or ribbon!

1. Starting with one corner, tightly roll the washcloth diagonally, as pictured above.
2. Fold the rolled washcloth in half.
3. Fold the washcloth in half again... 
... so that it looks like this.  Can you see the rabbit shape?
4. Secure the bunny's "head" with a rubber band or ribbon, so that it stays folded.  You're all done! 

We think the boo boo bunny is adorable- but not quite as adorable as we are, of course.  

Do-it-yourself bunny item of the week!

Our human is the best!  Check out what she made for us!  Here are her instructions for making a mini bunny playground :)

-Two cardboard boxes (ours are both 24"x18"x18")
-One cardboard cement form tube (ours is 8" diameter, purchased from Home Depot)
-Piece of scrap paper/newspaper
-Sharp utility knife

1. Put the scrap paper or newspaper on the ground, and stand the cardboard tube up, with the circular opening on the ground, on top of the scrap paper.
2. Using your pen/pencil, trace around the tube so that you make a circle the same size as the cardboard tube on the scrap paper.
3. Using your scissors, cut out the circle from the scrap paper.  This will be your template for cutting a tube-sized hole in your cardboard boxes.
4. Place the scrap paper template of the circle on the side of a box.  Trace around the template so that you have a circle drawn on the box, then use your utility knife to cut out the circle (make sure bunnies and kids aren't near your work area- knives are dangerous for critters and kids!).  You should now have a hole in the box the exact same size as the cardboard tube.
5. Do the same thing on the second box.  You should now have two boxes with two identical circles cut out.
6. Decide where your bunny will enter and exit the boxes.  Bailey and Logan like to have two "doors" in each box.  The doors can be any shape you'd like- circles, arches, squares- just make sure they're big enough for your bunny to fit through!
7. Here's the fun part: Take the big cardboard tube, and stick one end through one of the circular holes in one of the boxes.  Then take your second box, and stick the other end of the tube through the circular hole.  Your two boxes should now be attached by the cardboard tube!
8. It's playtime!  Bailey and Logan wanted to check out their playground immediately.  You can also decorate your playground by adding windows to the boxes, or you can put blankets or pet beds into the boxes to make soft, comfy places for your bunny to lounge in- the possibilities are endless!
*Quick tip: if the cardboard tube is too long, you can cut it with a saw or a utility knife.  But be careful!  It's best to have one person hold the tube while the other cuts it.
Check out my playground!  Logan's bed is in the box on the left.  The box on the right has two arch-shaped doors- one on the left, and another on the right.  Our human left the tops of the boxes open so that we can't climb on the boxes and hop out of our pen.  Silly human, doesn't she know that pens are for jumping over?!
Keep checking our blog for more do-it-yourself bunny items!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What to do with all that hair?!

We're in the middle of shedding season, and the human spends a lot of time brushing us.  Our silly human hates to waste things- she even saves the hair that she brushes from us!  My hair is short and silky, and the human puts it outside for the birds to put in their nests.  Logan's hair is long and fuzzy, just like wool, and the human saves it for wool felting (the human still hasn't actually felted Logan's hair yet, but we'll be sure to post pics of her crazy creations when she's feeling crafty).

Here's our list of uses for bunny hair from shedding season:
1. Give the hair to the birds!  Many birds use hair in their nests.
2. Make yarn! (this one is for the long-haired bunnies, like angoras)
3. Try wool needle felting!  (the human says she's going to do this with our fur to make a picture of us.  we think that's kind of weird, but she thinks it's going to be a really cute memento!)

Anyone have other ways to put shedding season to good use?

Monday, April 18, 2011

We love hay!

What to do with all this hay?!  I know, accessorize!
Hay hats will soon become the latest fashion :)
Logan and I eat a lottttt of food.  Hey, we're active little bunnies who love to hop and binky and dig furiously (the human is never thrilled about this, especially when we start digging at 5 am), so we need a lot of good, healthy food.  The human used to bring home small bags full of hay, but she said that was too expensive, plus she wouldn't let us "waste" hay by using it in our litterbox (silly human, hay is for eating AND pooing on!).  The other day, the human went to a farm and bought an entire bale of their bunny hay- 2nd cut organic timothy, fresh and green and delicious!  Yes, that's right- we have about 50 pounds of hay!  The human won't let us have it all at once, because she says it would be too messy and give her really bad allergies, but every day, she gives us enough to eat and fill our litterbox!  We approve of having lots of hay.  

Our human's "bunny bible"

When the human bought me, she also bought a book about rabbits: The House Rabbit Handbook.  The human loves this book, because it contains all sorts of useful information on caring for a house rabbit like me.  It even has a section on bonding rabbits, which was very useful for the human when we adopted Logan to be my new best friend.  The human bought this book here, on Amazon, and she gives it two thumbs up!  

The fashionable bunny room

Our human is so silly!  Even though she has two real live rabbits in her room, she's been putting up pictures of rabbits on the walls.  We think it's funny, but the human's friends who come to visit call it "adorable."  We wanted to share the decorations in our bunny room with you!  The human's first pick is wall decals with bunnies collecting stars.  It says it's for a nursery, but we know that it's really for a bunny lover's room, no matter their age!  Check it out on Amazon!

The human's second pick is this adorable set of wall decals from the super cute book, Guess How Much I Love You, about two bunnies.  We love the illustrations!  The human says that this will be a great baby shower present.  Check out the cute decals here!

Easter bunnies

Hey everyone, Logan here!  Bailey is off digging her way to China, so I'm taking over the blog.

Today, our human was telling us how some people like to buy rabbits at Easter time.  She said that the shelters are always overflowing with abandoned bunnies after Easter.  Why?  Here's a few reasons why you should carefully reconsider buying a live rabbit for an Easter gift.

-Most bunnies don't make good pets for children.  Bunnies require a high level of care- feeding, vet visits, litterbox cleaning, several hours of exercise time, etc.  Most bunnies hate to be held (think of it this way- in the wild, a bunny who was suddenly picked up and carried up high meant that he was going to be someone's dinner!  That's very scary for us!).  

-Domesticated pet rabbits don't belong outside.  Why?  In the winter, we're freezing.  In the summer, we're at risk of dying from heatstroke.  Being outside also puts us near predators like birds and raccoons, and if someone gets too close to our cage, we can die of a heart attack.  Plus, people tend to forget about us when we're outside pets.  

-Bunnies live a loooong time when properly cared for.  Your Easter present of a live rabbit is actually a 7-10 year commitment!  That's 10 years of buying hay, 10 years of paying for vet bills, you get the picture.  

-Baby bunnies are cute, but they're often hard to care for.  Babies require a special diet.  They're difficult to litter train at first.  Once they get a little older, they go through puberty.  That means we're obnoxious until we get spayed or neutered.  

This is just a short list of why bunnies don't usually make good Easter presents.  Please do your research before bringing a bunny into your home!  I was abandoned by bunny parents who didn't realize how big of a commitment I was going to be.  Luckily, I was adopted by our human, but many bunnies after Easter are not so lucky.  Please, think twice before buying an Easter bunny.  Don't you think a chocolate or plush bunny is a safer choice?

We look cute, but wait 'till you check out our price tag!
Vet visits: $500 per year, $100-$400 for spay/neuter surgery
Food costs: $100-$300 per year
Space requirements: at least 4' by 6', plus a safe area to run around in
Time requirements: Our human spends at least 4 hours per day with us
Supplies: $200 initial cost, plus a good $50 per year for toys and such
Does the $20 petstore bunny still sound like a good deal?  Didn't think so!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Sunday Review: Cilantro

Hey everybunny!  I have to tell you about a new food I tried yesterday: cilantro.  Our human found it on a list of bunny-safe foods.

Here's what I think of cilantro: Whew, what a strong flavor!  I think it's yucky.  I much prefer carrots and romaine lettuce!

sdfh;akj28uih3 v#*(#(UI DOSJ

Ooof- sorry about that!  It's Logan here, taking over the blog to announce that cilantro is DELICIOUS!  I love cilantro.  It's scrumptious on salads, and makes a divine dessert.  I give it two paws up!

PS- The human says that it's important to only feed fresh, carefully washed cilantro to bunnies.

It's Sunday-Bunday :)

Bailey and Logan are here to remind you to take time every day to cuddle up with somebunny you love. 

Meet the sidekick!

Hi everybunny!  I'm Logan, and I'll be blogging from time to time when Bailey is busy.  I was adopted from the House Rabbit Network in January, 2011 after HRN found me as a stray rabbit.  I'm not sure why anyone would let me loose- I have soft, luxurious fur and my human says I'm the cutest little furball she's ever seen.  When our human saw me, she knew that she wanted to bring me home, even though some people called me a "special needs rabbit" because I have a broken leg.  Luckily, Bailey liked me too, and I quickly found myself a new home.  Bailey and I are the best of friends and our human thinks it's great that we keep each other company.

I'm not quite as opinionated as Bailey (must be because I'm not a Dutch rabbit!), but I like to write about my life with Bailey and our human.  I hope you'll hop on by again!  Bailey and I will be sure to keep you updated on our opinions and daily on-goings.

Hello!  Nice to meet you!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Meet the bunny blogger!

Hello!  My name is Bailey.  I am a blogging bunny.  I am an extremely opinionated rabbit, and I'm here to share all of my opinions with you!  My partner in blogging, Logan, isn't quite as opinionated as I am, but he'll be blogging here from time to time (but mostly, I keep him around to distract the human while I take over her laptop and head over to my blog).  

Bailey, the Blogging Bunny