Friday, June 10, 2011

A yummy, sustainable project: an apartment garden!

To make up for leaving us behind while she went on vacation, the human planted us a garden!  We live in an upstairs apartment, but we have a lovely porch with lots of space for an apartment-sized garden.

To make your very own apartment garden, here's what you'll need:
-A big planter (we recommend the long trough-like ones)
-Lots of soil
-Plants and seeds of bunny-safe herbs and veggies

First comes the hard part: deciding what to put in your apartment garden!  My favorite veggie is romaine lettuce, so the human bought some lettuce seeds.  Logan loves cilantro and parsley, so the human bought baby herb plants to put in our garden.

Next, it's time to fill up the planter!  The human puts rocks at the bottom of the planter for drainage, but some planters have a built-in drainage system.  The human filled our planter halfway up with dirt.

Now the fun part: planting!  The human first dug little holes for the herb plants, carefully placed the plants in the holes, and filled the space between them with soil.  After putting the plants in, the planter should be almost filled to the top with dirt.  The human sprinkled the lettuce seeds on top and covered them with a handful of dirt.

See?  Instant apartment garden!  Don't forget to water your garden when needed- and we know you won't forget to share the bounty with your bunnies!


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